Victoria University – A Perfect Guide

Victoria University is a world-class public university in the western region of Melbourne, one of the liveliest cities in the world. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings puts this school among the top 2% of universities all over the globe.

Victoria University, Australia, has also won the Victorian International Education Awards (University category) and the International Education of Australia Excellence Awards in the Innovation category. The Victoria university acceptance rate stands at 64%.

In this article, we will look into all the details about Victoria University, Australia.

History of Victoria University

The preceding institutions of Victoria University date back to as old as 1916. Victoria University received the university status in 1991, and since then, it has been among the 39 public universities in Australia.

This institution is also popularly called the University of the West.

USP’s of Victoria University

1. Victoria University is amongst the few dual-sector tertiary universities in Australia. The school provides courses both in higher education subjects and Technical and Further Education (TAFE).

2. Industry Engagement is the hallmark of the university, with 4000 plus industry partnerships.

3. The university works on a Block Model involving sequential learning delivered in a learning-centric and problem-based environment.

4. The student to the faculty ratio is 33:1

5. Victoria University, Australia is ranked #601-650 in Best National University Rankings

6. It is among the top 2% universities across the globe.

Famous Alumni of Victoria University

Victoria University, Australia, has produced notable alumni like

1. Ali Abdo, Olympic wrestler

2. Ron Barassi, Football League legend of Australia

3. Dough Chappel, Comedian and actor

4. Tammy Lobato, Victorian MP

5. Andrew Gaze, Former basketball player

6. Alan Kohler, Financial journalist

Address of Victoria University

The address of Victoria University is 70/104 Ballarat Rd, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia.

Victoria University  Status

Victoria University is a public status university that provides vocational and higher education courses.

QS World University Rankings and Other Rankings

Ranking plays an essential part in determining how good an institution is.  Many portals and organizations release annual rankings of the top universities all around the globe.

Specifically, according to QS World University rankings, 2021, Victoria University’s ranking is at #601 – 650. Other rankings include

1. #901- 1000 by ARWU, Shanghai Ranking 2020

2. #351-400 by Times Higher Education 2021

3. #543 by Global Universities, US News & World Report 2021

4. # 201-250 for Global MBA, by QS 2021

Top Courses Offered at Victoria University

If you plan to study at the deemed Victoria University, you can gain education starting from an Undergraduate level to a Master’s degree. Being a dual-sector institution, the three main types of courses available in the school are as follows:

1. Higher Education subjects

2. Training and Vocational courses

The university has accessible pathway courses for students who plan to move to higher studies, i.e., vocational to higher education, diploma or certificate courses to an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree.

Victoria University has six academic colleges, seven research centres, six  research institutes, and the Victoria Polytechnic. The campuses are located in Melbourne Western region, Melbourne Central Business district, and Sydney.

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Courses for Undergraduate Aspirants

You can study various Bachelor’s degree programs at Victoria University. There are 34 courses in Life Sciences and Medicine, 68 courses in Social Sciences and Management, 12 in Engineering and Technology, and 10 in Arts and Humanities.

Popular undergraduate degrees at Victoria University:

1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

2. Bachelor’s In Technology

3. Bachelor’s in Hotel Management

4. Bachelor’s in Science

Courses for Graduate Aspirants

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are looking at attaining postgraduate coursework, then Victoria University has some exciting and world-renowned courses. These postgraduate courses have been tailored to train students in business and the industry.

The top Master’s courses offered by Victoria University include

1. Master’s in Business Administration

2. Master’s In Management

3. Master’s in Science

4. Master’s in Art

Victoria University Fees

The fee paid for the program, along with any fee assistance received or eligible to receive, will depend on the chosen study level. Your residency status, such as a domestic or international student, will also affect the fee you pay at Victoria University, Australia.

Domestic undergraduate or postgraduate students will either be full-fee paying or commonwealth supported. The total fees for each year can be paid upfront or be deferred as a loan to be repaid later on.

Domestic Higher Degree by Research students can receive a research training program fee offset place for covering the cost of study. International students will have to pay the set fees upfront for each semester.

Following are some of the best courses offered by Victoria University, the duration of the study, and their average tuition fee for a year.



Fees for the first year

Btech/ BE

3-4 years AUD 30.4K – 35.6K(INR 16.18- 18.88 Lakh)
BBA 3-4 years

AUD 28.2 K – 29.8K (INR 15.11- 15.65 Lakh)


2-3 years AUD 28.2 K – 29.8K (INR 15.11-15.65 Lakh )
BSc 1- 3 years

AUD 31.6K – 36.7K(INR 16.72-19.42 Lakh )


2 years AUD 33.4 K (INR 17.80 Lakh )
MIM 18 months -2 years

AUD 31K – 38.2 K (INR 16.72- 20.50 lakh )


18 months- 2 years

AUD 28.7K – 34.4K (INR 15.11-18.56 Lakh )

Please check out the university website to understand the fee structure if you cannot find your specific course here.

Required Exams for Victoria University Admissions

Now that you have decided on the course you want to pursue at Victoria University; it is time to prepare your application. There are specific exams that you will have to appear for to meet the requirements for Victoria University admissions. We have mentioned them according to the course level you’re applying to.

Certificates, Diplomas, and Advanced Diplomas Level English Exam Minimum requirements

Name of Exam 

Minimum Score for Admission 



55 (Listening: 9, Speaking: 16, Reading: 10, Writing: 18)


42-49 overall (with no score less than 40)

A minimum score of 162 overall (no less than 154 in individual section)

VU English

 (EAP) (Level 4): Achieved

Undergraduate Level English Exam Minimum requirements

Name of Exam 

Minimum Score for Admission 



67 (Listening: 12, Speaking: 18, Reading: 15, Writing: 21)


A minimum score of 50-67 overall (with no section score less than 50)

A minimum score of 169 overall (no less than 169 in individual section)

VU English

EAP (Level 5): Achieved

Graduate Level English Exam Minimum requirements

Name of Exam 

Minimum Score for Admission 



79 (Listening: 19, Speaking: 19, Reading: 18, Writing: 22)


A minimum score of 58-64 overall (with no section score less than 50)

A minimum score of 176 overall (no less than 169 in individual section)

VU English

EAP (Level 6): Achieved

You do not need to sit for GMAT, GRE, or SAT for any course at Victoria University. Please check the official university website for any updates or changes.

Victoria University Requirements for Admission

After obtaining the required score in the English proficiency test, one should initiate all the paperwork related to Victoria University admissions. The following documents will come in handy at the time of application:

1. Official educational transcripts (pertaining to the previous qualifications obtained in English medium)

2. English proficiency test score/result

3. GMAT/GRE scores (if applicable)

4. Supplementary information form

5. Police verification and supporting documents

6. Proof of work experience

7. Portfolio or folio of works

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Available Scholarships at the University

Victoria University offers various scholarships programs to aid the student’s education. Scholarships worth millions of dollars are provided to students across TAFE (certificates and diplomas), undergraduate (bachelor degrees and honors), and Master’s courses every year.

VU scholarships give financial and practical assistance to students. Some of these scholarships are entailed here:

1. TAFE (Victoria University Polytechnic) Scholarships

2. Bachelor degree, honors & postgraduate scholarships

3. Graduate research scholarships

4. International Scholarships

5. Externally-funded Scholarships

6. Scholarship applications & assessments

Placements at the Victoria University

Recruiting companies such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, IBM, Siemens, British Petroleum, Exxon, and many more visit Victoria University. The placement services are available for some courses. Major sectors where VU students venture into are the Business roles and Technology industry.

The average salary after pursuing some of the top courses has been mentioned below:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering): AUD 65000 (INR 35 lakh approx.)

2. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering): AUD 74400 (INR 40 lakh approx.)

3. Master of Project Management: AUD 115000  (INR 62 lakh approx.)

4. Bachelor of Business (Accounting): AUD 50000 (INR 27 lakh approx.)

5. Bachelor of Business (Marketing): AUD 50000 (INR 27 lakh approx.)

6. Master of Business Administration (Global): AUD 115600 (INR 62.38 lakh approx.)

7. Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance): AUD 50000 (INR 27 lakh approx.)

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