Gokul K – MIM from IU of Applied Sciences, Germany

Gokul K Reviews upGrad Abroad

Gokul shares his upskilling experience after consulting upGrad Abroad’s counsellors. The blended program has made his study abroad dream a reality. Helping him with his application to IU Germany, securing a confirmed offer letter & support the German visa application, our experts have left no stone unturned to offer a seamless experience. After apprehending the basics with the one-year online studies, he is all set to pursue the reaming 2-year study in Germany.

Gokul said, “ I just wanted to give a quick shout-out upGrad Abroad. After working as a digital marketer in Coimbatore for about three or four years, recently, I felt the need to upgrade my skills. And pursuing a master’s degree abroad was the next logical step. Then I found out about the blended program offered by upGrad Abroad. It is one of the best start-ups in India that I know about. So, I decided to connect with the counsellors. They suggested which country would

suit me, and they let me decide. I have already completed one semester of my program online via upGrad Abroad. Now, I just have to complete the remaining one and a half years in Germany. I’ve got my Visa, and I’m ready to go to Germany this October. So if you are someone who is looking to study abroad, upGrad Abroad would be the right platform to get started; even if you’re not pursuing an education here, they’ll give you the best consultation on which should be the app country for you it should be the app course for you and everything so if you’re thinking of joining abroad just go for it don’t think right thank you so much.”

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