Study Abroad Video Guides by upGrad Abroad

Are you planning to pursue higher education from the top study abroad destinations? You might have many questions about standardized tests, scholarships, visas, etc. Here, we have compiled a list of videos that answers all your study abroad-related queries and help you make a wise decision.

Why Study Abroad?

One of the subsequent reasons to study abroad is to gain life experience. This video will give an idea about the benefits of pursuing your higher education abroad.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

Do you dream of Studying Abroad? Pursue your education overseas and get a chance to explore the international job market. Watch this video to learn the advantages of studying abroad.

Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad 

If you plan to pursue your studies abroad, you must wonder about the finances and expenses involved. Watch this video to learn about the most affordable countries for Indian students to study overseas.

Indian MBA vs. Foreign MBA 

When it comes to doing an MBA, one of the biggest confusion that comes to mind is whether you should do an MBA in India or abroad. This video will help you make a clear decision on whether you should consider investing in a foreign MBA or not. 

Cost of Studying in the USA!

While the US remains the world’s most popular destination for international students, it’s also among the most expensive choices. Watch this video to learn about the cost of studying in the USA. 

Why Study at Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University ranked #67 among national and #261 among world universities. Watch this video to learn more about academics at YU. 

What after MBA in the USA

The USA – is the “dream country” for many, especially for MBA applicants, as the employment rate is as high as 95%. This video will tell you more about employment statistics after an MBA in the USA.

Project Management at Clark University

Clark University USA brings the best in class blended learning program in Project Management. Global Leaders like Amazon, Oracle, PRA Health Sciences, and HubSpot opt for organized and streamlined work processes through project management. Watch this video to know more.

STEM Courses in the USA

Studying a STEM course in the USA opens many possibilities for international students to explore the US job market. Watch this video to know more about it.

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is at #23 overall in the 2021 Best Countries rankings. Additionally, it ranks at #15 for quality of life and #10 for the Open for Business sub-ranking; watch this video to know why international students want to study abroad in Ireland. 

Get a Degree in Computer Science.

Pursuing a Computer Science degree is educationally astute, given the inevitable progress in the field. Watch this video to know the benefits of studying Computer science overseas. 

Germany vs. Canada – Which is better for studying Abroad?

If you are contemplating studying in Canada or Germany, this video is for you! It offers a side-by-side comparison that hopefully will help you make a decision. 

Top 9 Reasons why you should Study in Europe

Are you planning to study in Europe? This video will explain why you should choose Europe as your study abroad destination. 

Statement of Purpose (SOP): Guide & Tips

This video teaches how to write a Statement of Purpose or an SOP. Learn about the sections you must include and the steps you must follow to have a submission-ready statement of purpose. 

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Guide & Tips

Any student planning to study abroad for higher studies will need a LOR or Letter of Recommendation irrespective of the course and country. This video teaches how to write a compelling Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

How to write SOP for Canada?

Many Canadian Universities ask for a ‘Statement of Purpose’ or SOP to give students a fair chance at admissions. In this video, you will learn the importance of a well-written SOP, and how you can write an SOP in 6 easy steps. 

How to find Part-Time Jobs in Canada

In this video, you’ll learn the tips and different ways new immigrants in Canada, including international students, can find a part-time job.