Student Visa for Germany- Crucial Tips

A student visa for Germany is required if you are residing in the country as a student for more than 90 days. You will require a residence permit thereafter, proving to the immigration officer that you have funds to cover tuition and living costs for a year. This will be €853 every month or €10,236 annually in a blocked account. A residence permit will have a validity of up to two years and it should be renewed if the course duration is longer than this period. 

Student Visa for Germany- Your Costs 

There are specific costs for a student visa for Germany from India. The visas usually cost close to €75 (Rs 6,486.85). Processing time may be up to 25 days if you have all your documents ready. This may increase to 12 weeks in some cases and those aspirants wishing to apply for a residence permit upon arrival will be paying €110 (Rs 9,511.92). This takes 8-12 weeks to be issued or approximately 3 months. Hence, students should apply beforehand. 

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Student Visa for Germany from India: Key Documents

Wondering how to get a student visa for Germany? Here is a list of the documents that are needed. Make a note of the fact that two sets of documents will be required and you will have to physically visit the center. 

  1. Valid Passport- This is one of the biggest Germany student visa requirements for Indian students. 
  2. Application form. 
  3. Copy of information page of passport in A4 size paper. 
  4. Personal declaration stating that you are providing absolutely complete and accurate information. 
  5. Cover letter explaining the major objectives behind the application. A German translation of this document may be needed. 
  6. University transcripts and certificates like mark sheets and degree certificates. 
  7. Letter of admission from a German educational institution or university. 
  8. Three passport pictures as per biometric specifications and they should not be more than 6 months old. 
  9. Proof of proficiency in language (test scores in German language). Applicants for PhDs and those holding Erasmus Mundus scholarships are exempted. 
  10. Proof of funds. 
  11. Demand draft for student visa fees for Germany. 

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How to get a student visa for Germany- Application process

Here are the steps for applying for this visa: 

  1. After getting the acceptance letter from your German institution or university, prepare all documents likewise for the visa application as stated earlier. 
  2. Get photographs which adhere to requirements for biometric photographs, as per specifications upon the official site. 
  3. Fill up the application form for the national visa. Print and sign it before submitting along with other documents. 
  4. Print out your declaration and sign it as per guidelines. 
  5. Schedule your visa interview appointment accordingly at the German Mission. 
  6. Prior to your appointment, make sure you verify the present visa fee exchange rates on the official website of the German Mission and get your demand draft likewise. 

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Dependents- Are they allowed? 

Spouses and kids of applicants may stay in the country while they are studying although conditions exist. These include possessing ample funds and space for living. Cases are individually judged at Embassies and considerations may be given especially if proper explanations are furnished. 

Germany Study Visa- Where to Apply? 

You can apply at the following places: 

  1. German Embassy- Number 6/50G, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021
  2. German Consulate General- Number 9, Boat Club Road, R.A. Puram, Chennai-600028 
  3. German Consulate General- Cash Pharmacy Building, Second and Third Floor, Residency Road and Corner St. Mark’s Road, Bengaluru-560025
  4. German Consulate General- 10th Floor at Hoechst House, 193 Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021
  5. German Consulate General- 1, Hastings Park Road, Alipore, Kolkata-700027
  6. Visa & Consular Department- Ground Floor, Arcadia Building, NCPA Marg, 195, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021

As per prevailing visa regulations in Germany, students may work full-time for 90 days or half-time for 180 days in one academic session. Germany is the only nation offering a chance to students for pursuing part-time technical employment opportunities in any related business sector or industry. Some universities also provide Hiwi or part-time campus jobs. Students are required to contact the placement cells at their universities for getting these employment opportunities.

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