MBA in Ireland: Top Universities, Eligibility & Prospects

An MBA in Ireland is a one- to two-year program offered by several leading institutions. Many international MBA aspirants prefer to study in Ireland for its industry-oriented curriculum and competitive costs. You can study abroad for your MBA degree to build a fulfilling global career and gain invaluable insights that greatly accelerate future growth. 

Some of the biggest benefits of choosing Ireland as your study destination include great employment opportunities, soaring demand for skilled MBA graduates, and a two-year post-study work permit. You can be on the path towards obtaining permanent residency in two years in Ireland. Another advantage is that MBAs are part of the Critical Skills Occupation List. MBA specializations in Ireland include finance, business analytics, accounting, supply chain management, marketing, and many more. 

Highlights of Studying MBA in Ireland

An MBA in Ireland for Indian students will give you the following benefits: 

1. Gain crucial global exposure by studying industry-oriented MBA courses in Ireland, with networking opportunities and innovative curricula. 

2. Study at highly ranked universities for MBA programs with competitive fee structures. 

3. Ireland offers attractive job opportunities for MBA graduates, including handsome starting salaries and an excellent scope of future growth. 

4. Ireland is one of the most coveted business hubs of Europe, home to leading recruiters such as Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb, and many other global conglomerates which have set up their European headquarters here. Other leading employers include Amazon, Deloitte, Bank of Ireland, McKinsey & Co, and EY. 

5. Reports also state how most MBA graduates get placements within six months of graduation at leading universities in Ireland. 

6. An MBA degree from Ireland will have global recognition, and you can also obtain a two-year post-study work permit for finding employment. 

7. Students can also get access to part-time jobs and internships, which boost their chances of finding jobs. 

8. Students can stay in Ireland post completing their examinations as per the Third Level Graduate Scheme. They can look for employment opportunities easily as a result. 

9. Indian students can apply for residence permits after completing their studies in Ireland, which begins with a two-year work permit. They can also apply for a two-year general employment permit or a critical skills employment permit. 

Types of MBA Courses in Ireland

There are various MBA courses in Ireland that you can pursue, depending on the eligibility criteria and your requirements. Core courses include several business areas such as applied statistics, accounting, business communication, business ethics, business analytics, managerial economics, human resource management, business law, finance, project management, marketing, supply chain, sales, public administration, and more. Elective courses like marketing, finance, and accounting are also present in most MBA programs in Ireland. There are three kinds of MBA courses in the country: full-time MBA programs, Executive MBA courses, and distance learning MBAs. 

List of top universities in Ireland for MBA programs

There are eight universities from Ireland in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. The top-ranked institution in the country is Trinity College Dublin which holds the 101st rank worldwide. Five out of these eight Irish institutions are also present in the top-500 list worldwide. 

Here is the list: 

1. Trinity College Dublin- QS Global Rank 101

2. University College Dublin- QS Global Rank 177

3. National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)- QS Global Rank 238

4. University College Cork- QS Global Rank 286

5. Dublin City University- QS Global Rank 439

6. University of Limerick- QS Global Rank 511-520

7. Maynooth University- QS Global Rank 701-750

8. Technological University Dublin- QS Global Rank 801-1000

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Requirements for MBA in Ireland

Those looking to pursue an MBA in Ireland will need to meet these requirements: 

1. A bachelor honors degree with 2:2 (60-65% or 65-69%) or 2:1 (66-74% or 70-79%) classifications. It will be equivalent to a three or four-year bachelor’s degree in science, commerce, humanities, or a professional bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. 

2. The minimum CGPA or equivalent is 7-7.5, depending on the institution. 

3. You will generally require three to five years of work experience. Most institutions like Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland Galway, or University College Dublin require three years of work experience. In comparison, some, like the University of Limerick, require four years of experience for applicants. 

4. You will have to submit your official academic transcripts to prove your educational track record and marks. If they are not in English, you should submit their English translations. 

5. You will have to submit scores of standardized examinations for MBA courses (depending on the institution’s requirements) like the GRE or GMAT. 

6. You will have to provide your score sheet for an English language proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS. 

7. You will need LORs (Letters of Recommendation) along with your Resume/CV. 

8. Other requirements include the application fee payment receipt along with a copy of your passport. 

9. Some universities waive GMAT/GRE requirements if the applicant has a Ph.D. or master’s degree in any quantitative subject or has 8-10 or more years of work experience. They may get waivers if they have other qualifications and professional achievements that merit admission into the MBA program. 

10. A personal interview may be conducted to finalize the admission of any international applicant. 

11. Some institutions like Griffith College do not require GMAT scores for admission at the outset. 

English language requirements for MBA in Ireland

Non-native speakers of English have to provide their score sheets in standardized English language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL for admission into MBA programs in Ireland. Here is a table that showcases the minimum score requirements at leading MBA institutions in Ireland. 

Name of the Institution

Minimum Score in IELTS Minimum Score in TOEFL
University College Cork 7 90
University College Dublin 7 100
Trinity College Dublin 6.5 90
University of Limerick 6 90
Griffith College 6.5
Dublin Business School 6

Technological University Dublin

7 100
National University of Ireland Galway 6.5 88

MBA Cost in Ireland

The average MBA in Ireland cost for aspirants will depend on the university you are applying to and your location. On average, you may expect tuition charges between €11,250 and €34,500 (approximately INR 9.51-29.17 lakh) per year. It may vary, depending upon various factors. 

Scholarships for MBA in Ireland

Here are some scholarships for studying for an MBA in Ireland: 

1. TU Dublin Centenary Scholarship program

It offers coverage for 50% of overall tuition costs while being a one-time grant. 

2. MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship

This is sanctioned by the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, covering 50% of total tuition costs. 

3. Achiever MBA Scholarship (UCD MBA Scholarship)

It is given to both international and local students by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, covering tuition costs for a specific academic session or year. 

4. CUBS 30% Club UCC Executive MBA Scholarship

A scholarship amount of €27,000 is awarded to those accepted in the University College Cork CUBS Executive MBA. 

5. University of Limerick India PG Scholarship Program

These are scholarships given based on merit to Indian aspirants at the institution. The amounts usually hover between INR 1-3.5 lakh. 

6. Trinity College Dublin

Scholarships are given for those with academic or extracurricular achievements or contributions to community or society causes. The amount is 5,000 Euros, or roughly INR 4.22 lakh for MBA aspirants. 

7. Dublin Business School Scholarships

These scholarships are given to students who meet varying criteria. The amounts hover between 1,000 and 2,000 Euros (approximately INR 85,000-1,70,000). 

8. Griffith College Dublin

The institution offers scholarships to students who meet various criteria upon admission. The amount ranges between 3,000-3,500 Euros (approximately INR 2.54-2.96 lakh).

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