Kingston University London – A Perfect Guide

Kingston University London UK is home to several campuses including the Kingston Hill, Kingston School of Art (Knights Park), Penrhyn Road, and Roehampton Vale sites. The Kingston University London was founded as the Kingston Technical Institute in 1899 and celebrated its centenary year in 1999. It became the Kingston Polytechnic before eventually turning into the Kingston University in 1992.

The Kingston University ranking is 801st-1000th in the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings and 101 in the SI-UK rankings.


Kingston University has several campuses including the Kingston School of Art, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Hill, and Roehampton Vale. The campuses offer top-notch infrastructure and amenities for students. There are numerous research facilities available at the institution including laboratories in various faculties like art, social sciences, business, computing, engineering, science, and more.


The final deadline for applying is 30th June at the university although not all courses may be available by this time. Applications usually open at the start of September and also in mid-January. The Kingston University London admission process involves these steps:

1. Students may apply via UCAS or UCAS Apply.

2. Complete the application by providing all academic and personal information.

3. Most postgraduate applications can be directly made via the university website.

The Kingston University London admission requirements include:

1. English language proficiency.

2. Undergraduate aspirants require Class XII scores of at least 70-80% depending on the board.

3. Postgraduate aspirants require bachelor’s degrees with a CGPA of 6.0-7.5 depending on the course.

Acceptance Rate

As per, Kingston University’s acceptance rate is 61%.

There are numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses along with research degrees, foundation courses, teacher training programs, and short courses. Popular courses include art and design, architecture and landscape, building and construction, biological sciences, computing, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy, business and biomedical science, and biochemistry among others.

Autumn (Fall) Semester 2022

Application deadline for September 2022 entry

6th June 2022
Halls of residence contract start date

17th September 2022

Welcome Week

19th to 23rd September 2022
Teaching begins

26th September 2022

Enrichment/Reading Week

31st October to 4th November 2022
Teaching finishes

16th December 2022

Halls of residence contract end date

24th December 2022

Spring Semester / Summer Period 2023

Application deadline for January 2023 entry

31st October 2022
Halls of residence contract start date

7th January 2023


Teaching begins

9th January 2023

Enrichment/Reading Week

13th to 17th February 2023
Teaching finishes

31st March 2023

Halls of residence contract end date

29th April 2023
Summer Period (including exams)

1st May to 23rd June 2023

Exam period (for students here for Study Option 1)

1st May to 26th May 2023
Halls of residence contract end date

24th June 2023

Extra-curriculars, diversity

Kingston University has more than 3,000 international students from more than 140 global nations. The institution offers more than 90 clubs and societies along with facilities like gymnasiums, watersports, royal parks, leisure centers, tennis courts, a stadium, and much more. There are entertainment options like music, movies, games, food, and a lot more.

Students can also take their pick from volunteering opportunities while the Students Union takes care of entertainment and events throughout each academic year. There are various recreational and sporting activities along with sports clubs for students.

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The Careers and Employability Service offers support to students and graduates about their entire career journeys. They get help with working out career strategies and professional development to get post-graduate study choices, job options, and more. There are several career workshops along with digital resources and personalized guidance as well.

There are resources available for students including Prospects, LinkedIn, Milkround, The Job Crowd, TARGETjobs, Graduate-jobs, and a lot more. Students can work part-time during their courses as well, by opting for the Handshake program which lists vacancies throughout the year. There are several employers connect initiatives hosted by the university including career programmes, panel discussions, fairs, festivals, and days for assessments, along with several initiatives for helping students get invaluable insights and networking skills.

The Handshake Careers Fairs are representative of the university’s employer-connect initiatives along with the accelerator program which enables students to widen their career prospects.

There is a six-week paid student program offered twice every academic year, offering Level-4 and 5 students a chance to get consultancy experience while working on several employer projects. There are other services covering references, interviews, CVs, emotional intelligence tests, and aptitude tests as well. Career support also comes through recruiter connect initiatives, ensuring internships and innovative project work for students along with practical training programs and relationship building with local and country-wide employers and alumni as well.

The university also caters to employers by helping them build their on-campus profiles, offering solutions like sector-based recruitment fairs, assessment days on campus, interviews, placements, and sponsorships of various events and activities. Recruitment teams help employers meet their employment goals across industries with personalized approaches. Handshake offers free job listings to employers as well.

The list of famous alumni includes the following names:

1. Angela Bowie, musician, and model

2. Ben Barnes, actor

3. John Richmond, fashion designer

4. Trevor Eve, movie and television producer

5. Lawrence Dallaglio, rugby player

6. Asha Gill, movie producer, and Deejay

7. Eason Chan Yik-Shun, businessperson and record producer


Here is the fee structure for 2022-23:

Undergraduate course

Tuition fee
Year 1
(2022/23 entry)
Year 2
Year 3

Year 4 if applicable

Art and Design

GBP 16,200 (INR 16.2 lakh) GBP16,500 (INR 16.5 lakh) GBP16,800 (INR 16.8 lakh) N/A
Other Studio Based GBP15,400 (INR 15.4 lakh) GBP15,800 (INR 15.8 lakh) GBP16,200 (INR 16.2 lakh)

GBP16,600 (INR 16.6 lakh)

Classroom Based

GBP13,900 (INR 13.9 lakh) GBP14,300 (INR 14.3 lakh) GBP14,700 (INR 14.70 lakh) N/A
Laboratory Based GBP15,400 (INR 15.4 lakh) GBP15,800 (INR 15.8 lakh) GBP16,200 (INR 16.2 lakh)

GBP16,600 (INR 16.6 lakh)


GBP15,900 (INR 15.90 lakh) GBP16,200 (INR 16.2 lakh) GBP16,500 (INR 16.5 lakh)

GBP16,800 (INR 16.8 lakh)

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