How to postpone the IELTS exam

 International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an assessment for people residing in countries where English is not a primary language. This test is taken by candidates all over the world as it is recognized worldwide. The duration of the IELTS exam is 2 hours 45 minutes. This test is held up to four times a month. It is conducted in 140 countries, with over 1600 test centers. IELTS is conducted by IDP in India. And while all the above-mentioned information is available easily, not many know how to postpone the IELTS exam. Therefore, this article will explain the rescheduling process to clear all your doubts. 

 How to postpone IELTS exam (IDP):

There are several terms and conditions that one needs to meet to postpone the exam. The application to transfer the exam to a different date is considered only if the date of the test is at least 15 days from the date on which the postponement request has been made. Proper reasons need to be stated in such a case. No reason needs to be stated if the transfer or cancellation request has been at least 34 days before the test date. Administrative charges are deducted before processing the refund. The refund is initiated within 10 working days.

How to postpone IELTS exam (BC):

If the request for postponement is made more than five weeks before the date of examination, then a complete refund will be initiated. However, if the exam needs to be postponed within five weeks before the examination date, then some percentage of the administration fee is charged. The exam can’t be postponed within three days before the examination unless there is an emergency. In any of these cases, the date of the exam can be postponed only up to three months from the date of the original examination. Proof should be submitted in the case of any emergency within five working days after the original test date. The refunds are processed within six weeks of applying for a postponement.

 Emergency reasons and documents for proof:

The emergency reasons based on which the candidates can request a rescheduling are as follows:

  •     Demise of somebody in the close family.
  •     Emergency on the exam day before the aspirant could leave from home.
  •     Experienced a crime on the way to the test center.
  •     Suffered an accident on his/her way to the test venue.
  •     Lost passport on way to the test center.
  •     Had problems travelling due to protest, violence, or a similar situation.

 The documents that are needed to verify these reasons include:

  •     A health certificate signed by a registered doctor and bearing his/her registration number.
  •     Proof of admission to hospital and discharge details (in case there was a hospitalization).
  •     Copy of FIR in case of a mishap or crime.
  •     A death certificate signed by the relevant authority, with a mention of his/her registration number.
  •     Document from the passport authority, stating the passport number and the expected date of return of the passport to the candidate. 

 The IELTS test can be postponed by contacting the test center through email, letter, or in person. A request for postponing through telephone is not considered valid.

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