How Much Study Gap is Acceptable in Ireland- A Student’s Guide

how much study gap acceptable in ireland

There can be many reasons why a student can take a study gap. It can be either due to health issues, work experience, or preparation for competitive examinations. However, when students with a study gap decide to resume their studies and apply at an Irish university, they are stuck with the question as to how much study gap is acceptable in Ireland. As a country, Ireland offers a better quality of life and a host of learning opportunities for the students. While there are a lot of countries that do not accept applications from students with more than one to two years of study gap, there is no such thing in Irish universities. 

Before you know about how many years gap is acceptable for study in Ireland, let us first understand the benefits of pursuing a degree from the country. 

  • To pursue higher studies in Ireland, GRE and GMAT are not mandatory. Even colleges like Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin accept applications from students who have not appeared for the GRE. The only requirement to get admission in Ireland is your IELTS/TOEFL/PTE score. 
  • The Irish educational system offers high-quality education to the students. According to the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate), students pursuing higher studies in Ireland reported having satisfaction in their academic experience.
  • Ireland is a hub for global corporations and houses more than 1000 multinational companies. These organizations like Google, Apple, Facebook, AirBnB, and many others look forward to hiring graduates from Irish universities. Not just that, they also offer internship opportunities to the students. 
  • The pharmaceutical and biotech industry, accounting and finance, and the IT sector in Ireland have bloomed in the past decade. It has become a lifeline for many pass-outs.
  • The government of Ireland grants a post-study work visa benefit to its students. This allows the students to stay in Ireland for two years after completion of the degree. Ireland offers two types of work visa in Ireland – General Work Permit and Critical Skills Employment Permit. 

How much study gap is acceptable in Ireland?

If you can provide a valid explanation for your study gap, then it doesn’t matter much for any of the universities in Ireland. The reason for the gap between your last academic year and the time of application should be provided in your Statement of Purpose (SOP). 

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Why is an SOP necessary for students with a study gap?

Most students who apply for a degree course in Ireland, need to furnish a Statement of Purpose (SOP) in which they provide information about their course of study and how their areas of interest match with the curriculum offered by the university. However, an SOP is mandatory for a student with a study gap to justify the reason behind the same. An immigration officer at the Irish embassy might want to check the authenticity of the study gap and in that case they might request you to submit supporting documents along with the SOP. 

Parameters on the basis of which a study gap can be explained

While applying to pursue a full-time degree in Ireland, instead of worrying about how many years gap is acceptable for study in Ireland, you should focus on providing such documents which prove the reason for taking a study break. Here are the most possible reasons which are justified for a gap between your studies.

  • Work

Students might take a gap in their studies if they want to learn a new set of skills or gain professional experience before opting for higher studies in the specific course of study. 

  • Travel

Some students take a study gap because they take it as an opportunity to travel across nations. This helps them to explore life in another country and experience a new culture which they couldn’t have otherwise.

  • Self-study

Before registering for higher studies, some students might need time to discover their academic passions. They might also take a study break to prepare for competitive exams.

  • Health-related emergencies

Personal health issues or a family crisis can be another reason for taking a study break. If a student has any of the reasons mentioned above to opt for a study gap, then that won’t be a hindrance to get admission at a university in Ireland.

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