Duolingo Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

Duolingo Exam

The computer-based English test determines the language proficiency of the candidates planning to migrate to any English-speaking country. Duolingo also tests students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities like any other English language exam. You can take the test online anytime from any corner of the world.  The Duolingo exam is highly adaptive. This means that with every correct answer, the difficulty level keeps rising. If your answer is wrong, the next question will be relatively easier. You can also choose the upgraded test version, where you can opt for the ten-minutes interview and record your answers for all the open-ended questions.

 Here are some essential facts about the Duolingo exam-: 

  1. The exam is accepted by more than 1,000 universities globally.  
  2. The exam is for candidates enrolling in undergraduate programs in the USA.
  3. The fee is highly affordable.
  4. Duolingo test duration is around 60 minutes (including the 10-minute interview), which is less than other exams. 
  5. You can take mock tests to prepare for the test.

What is the importance of the Duolingo exam?

The Duolingo exam is designed for international students preparing to move to other countries. Compared to other language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc., the Duolingo English Test is affordable and takes less time. The exam assesses the candidate’s ability in four sections, including writing, reading, listening, and speaking. The test is designed on-demand to enroll at various universities. The test is designed using AI and Data Forensics Technology, making the test transparent and secure for every candidate. 

Eligibility for taking the Duolingo exam

The test does not require any academic documents or transcripts. Anyone who wishes to appear for the test can do so without hassle. However, there are a few regulations one will need to follow. To be eligible for appearing in the Duolingo exam, you’ll need to ensure the following: 

● Driving license/Government issued ID/Passport. 

● A room with proper light. 

● Strong internet connection. 

● Computer/laptop. 

● Webcam or working front camera. 

● Working microphone. 

● Speakers. 

Before appearing for the test, please check the language proficiency requirement stated by the university you are applying to. There is no age restriction. However, candidates younger than 13 need to get their parents’ consent to apply for the test. 

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How to register for the Duolingo exam?

You can register for the test from anywhere globally as the test is conducted online and through the Duolingo app. You can appear for the test immediately after registration. Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to register for the test-:  

a) Visit the official website of Duolingo.

b) Click ‘Take the test.’

c) Download the app and install it on your system.

d) Meet all the requirements, such as sitting in a well-lit room with your front camera on. Keep your government ID or passport handy.

e) Test your speaker, microphone, and take your picture. After downloading the application, you will have to meet all these requirements.

f) Upload the required documents, such as your official ID, to verify your mentioned information.

g) Hold your ID card and take a picture for identification. Please do not hold the ID next to your face or tilt it.

h) Create your account and enter all the correct information.

i) Select what you are interested in. Here are the options-

● UG University Admissions
● School building
● Graduate admissions
● Middle or high school admission
● Applying for a promotion or job
● None of the above

j) Upon selecting options from above, you can now create your Duolingo account.Complete the payment process. For the test, you will have to pay INR 3,605.

h) Complete the payment process. For the test, you will have to pay INR 3,605.

Upon completing the payment and process mentioned above, you can give the test.

How much is the Duolingo exam fee? 

The fee is highly affordable compared to other English language tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and more. The price for the Duolingo exam is INR 3,605, whereas the other tests cost around INR 15,000 and more. There are zero test waivers for the exam. 

To pay the exam fee, click the ‘purchase the test’ tab and go ahead with the buy now option. All credit cards, as well as PayPal, are accepted. Upon successfully submitting the fees, you will have to take the test within 90 days, or the duration will expire. 

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Essential dates for the Duolingo exam

There are no fixed dates for the Duolingo exam. You need to open the website, purchase the test, and give the exam. Enter all the information required on the website and log in with your initials. You can take the test from anywhere if you meet all the requirements.

Duolingo exam pattern and syllabus

The online test helps aspirants to check their knowledge of the English language. Here’s a brief about the exam and the Duolingo exam syllabus-: 


Duolingo English Exam

Mode of exam


Sections in exam


Exam Duration

1 hour

Question types

Descriptive and objective

The English Adaptive test: 

The 45-minute-long graded section of the English assessment exam evaluates the candidates’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. All the different questions are combined and keep appearing randomly during the test in the section. The scores are provided separately for this section. None of the questions are repeated in the test. There is no limited number of questions in this section. The test will end when the grading engine is persuaded by your score. 

 Here are the different types of questions you will come across- 

● Answer the missing letters and complete the sentences. 

● Record yourself while repeating any given sentence. 

● Describe the given image in writing.

● Hear the words and identify the correct one. 

● Read the words and identify the real English ones.

● Type the sentence that you hear. 

● Write down your answer in at least 50 words.

● Speak your answer to a spoken question. 

Duolingo video interview test: 

The video interview test is the second segment of the exam, with a time limit of 10 minutes. The section requires candidates to answer open-ended questions via recording. You may be asked to speak about any situation, image, or topic. 

Remember these points while answering the video questions- 

● Ensure that your face is in the frame.

● You must be audible, loud, and straightforward.

● Plan your answers accordingly, and do not jumble the answers. 

How are the scores calculated?

The score is calculated on the 10 to 160 scale. The entire score is bifurcated in the overall and four sub-scores. Here’s how-


Learners are apt in writing and speaking the language.

Learners can understand the pragmatic, figurative and idiomatic phrases.


The learner can communicate about new topics which are unknown to him/her.

Learners can clearly understand and interact on both abstract and concrete topics.


Learners can grasp the valuable and main aspects and points related to work or their educational content.

Learners can easily communicate personal details without any hassle.


Learners can identify all of the basic English and phrases.

Learners can articulate the straight given information.

How to get the result of the Duolingo exam? 

You can receive your Duolingo test score within 24 to 48 hours of giving the test. The test score usually provides information about the applicant, the overall performance, and subscore. The candidates can access the score through the application. 

You can send the test score to the selected university or college as a test-taker. Here’s how you can check your scores-: 

● Log in to the Duolingo website with credentials.

● Enter your registration information. Ensure the details are correct.

● View your scorecard.

● You can download or print the report if required. 

Important tips related to the Duolingo exam: 

There is no fixed syllabus or book to score higher bands in the Duolingo exam. Though the exam assesses the candidate’s skills on four different spectrums, you can practice with other materials. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the Duolingo exam-: 

● Read novels containing advanced English. Read newspapers, and practice writing and learning new words to enhance your vocabulary.

● Indulge in random conversations with people fluent in the English language. 

● Get a clear understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus, and the types of questions asked in the exam. 

● You can try mock tests available on the Duolingo website.

● Read the blog section on the Duolingo website and understand the resource materials provided. 

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