Documents Required for Abroad Study – A Complete List

Updated on 05 May, 2023

You will need an exhaustive list of documents required for abroad study. Here is a guide that will be of immense help to prospective international applicants.

1. Application Form

This one is a no-brainer! The application form is the most crucial document of all, the one that will contain all your professional and personal information for the perusal of the admissions committee. The application form should be filled meticulously with proper data. You should double-check the same before submission.

2. SOP (Statement of Purpose)

The SOP is vital for the application. It will talk about your academic and professional background, your reasons for pursuing a particular course, and the reasons for applying to a specific institution. This essay is vital since the admissions committee and authorities will closely evaluate it. This is what will help you stand out from other applicants.

3. Official Academic Transcripts

These are your academic records similar to consolidated mark sheets. They will include your mark sheets, grades, degrees, and credits. They are a must for applying to any international university.

4. LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

The LOR is another important document written by the applicant’s professors, supervisors, or managers, talking about his or her performance, achievements, experience, and projects. This helps the admissions committee get valuable insights into the applicant’s journey.

5. CV/Resume

The Resume/CV is a crucial document required to showcase your professional and academic records along with details of all your internships, degrees, certificates, and work experience.

6. Scores in Standardized Tests

You will have to submit scores of various tests, depending on the institution in question. Many countries will require scores in English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. PTE is another option. You may require SAT/ACT if applying at the undergraduate level or GRE/GMAT at the master’s level.

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7. Essays

You may have to submit an essay to the university, indicating your commitment towards studying abroad while making a good first impression on the university authorities.

8. Valid Passport

You should have a valid passport with a validity period extending to at least six months after the planned return date to your home country.

9. Photographs

You will require passport-sized photographs with specific backgrounds. Go through the criteria issued by visa authorities and admission departments.

10. Photo-Identity Card

This may be your Voter ID Card or PAN Card. You also require your proof of residence.

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11. Proof of Work Experience

Many universities may require this, especially stating details of your internships and full-time professional experience at an organization. It is a written document mentioning your start and end dates at any organization.

12. Proof of Funds

You will have to include your bank statements to prove that you have sufficient funds for covering tuition and living expenses. You also require your student loan statement and your sponsorship proof or scholarship letter if applicable. Income proof of the candidate or his or her family may also be needed.

13. Health Certificates

Various countries have diverse regulations regarding health certificates. You will require health insurance cards or vaccination certificates. Make sure to get a health check-up done to apply with the latest reports.

These are the documents that you will certainly need for studying abroad. So, if you are planning on applying anytime soon, prepare these documents and get them in order.

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