Cover letter for German student visa–Tips and tricks!

Cover letter for German student visa

For international students, who have already received a letter of admission from their preferred German university, the next big requirement is to obtain a student visa. To apply for a visa, an aspirant will need to complete all the relevant documentation, which also involves submitting a cover letter for German student visa.

The cover letter is a very important document that every international student needs to attach with other certificates to meet the eligibility criteria. It is an important document for visa processing and students shouldn’t ignore it when applying for their visa.

Through a cover letter for student visa application in Germany, the officials handling your visa application get to know you better. It is true that there are other documents that need to be submitted but a cover letter conveys all the information about the aspirant that is not communicated through the documents. Thus, it is a significant step in your study abroad dream but before you draft one, you should know everything about it for a visa in Germany.

What is a Cover Letter? 

A cover letter is an important document that needs to be presented at the time of visa documentation. A cover letter sheds light on information like the purpose of visit, why an aspirant wants to study abroad in Germany and describes the student’s choice of course. It is a formal document and has a particular format that needs to be followed. In the nutshell, a cover letter is more like an interview where the purpose of the visit to Germany is described. Since the number of international students traveling abroad exceeds the number of officials for face-to-face interviews, the importance of a cover letter for student visa applications shouldn’t be undermined. 

Cover Letter for German Visa Application:

Visas and cover letters are not just limited to Germany. These are applicable for every foreign visit because the officials of a foreign country would be interested in knowing a few details about an individual traveling and the purpose of their journey. The main purpose of such verification is to reduce the possibility of any kind of threat from a foreign visitor. Apart from stating the purpose of your trip, you must also disclose details regarding the funding of your course in Germany. 

Why is a cover letter important?

Germany is a popular study abroad destination for international students. Every year, the German embassies across the world receive millions of student visa applications. It is, in fact, a daunting task to conduct one-on-one interviews of such large number of candidates. Therefore, a cover letter plays an important role in helping officials make a final decision on a student’s visa application.

What should a cover letter for a German student visa contain?

The main purpose of a German student visa cover letter is to convince the German officials of a student’s candidature. There are some very common guidelines for drafting a cover letter for a student visa application. Have a look at everything that you must include in your cover letter for a student visa in Germany:

  • Introduction
  • Previous academic and professional background
  • The reason for visiting Germany for higher studies
  • Present financial condition
  • A list of documents that you have attached to your cover letter

While drafting a personal covering letter for a German national visa be very formal and precise. To begin with, writing the introduction can be challenging. It can be intimidating to put the first few words on a blank paper. But keep the introduction short and interesting. This is not a part of your thesis or project, so do not elaborate much. Be concise and write simple sentences that do justice to your profile. Draft the introduction in a few lines and it should give a decent outline of your profile.

The purpose of your visit to Germany should be written in a detailed manner alongside your academic achievements. Be ambitious in those few lines where you express your purpose of visit. Next comes the mention of the university and the course you are opting for. This part needs to be dealt with utmost clarity and precision. You also need to talk about your career plans in the cover letter. Be absolutely practical while discussing your career goals.

Sample Cover Letter for a Student Visa Application

Here is the sample cover letter for a student visa application for better clarity:

My name is 0 and I reside in P. I have done my graduation in Computer Engineering from university A. I have 2 years of experience with organization B. I have been issued a letter of admission from university X for course H and I am looking forward to a German student visa. I have chosen university X because it is a highly renowned one and I believe it will offer me the best education and develop my career for a better future. 

Formatting your cover letter:

A cover letter for a German student visa is an official document and must follow a specific format. There is a format that the officials in embassies follow for a quick scanning of the documents, and it is advised that the aspirants follow the same. If you do not format your cover letter well, it might end up looking unprofessional. So, here’s how you should format your cover letter: 

  • The date should always be at the very top left corner.
  • Mention the German embassy’s name 
  • Mention all the personal details, like name, address and passport number.
  • Address the official.
  • Mention relevant educational and professional work experience.
  • Write down the course name and university in Germany where you are seeking admission.
  • Wrap it up in a respectful manner. 
  • Lastly, pen down your email address and contact. 

Some tips for a formally drafted cover letter:

Be precise: Keep it short and to the point. The cover letter should have all the information in a few lines. Write down your purpose of visit and other required information on a single cover letter page. Choose a formal tone and the right order of words. 

Pay attention to the format: A formal document has an order, sequence and format. The format is followed by the officials while checking the applications. If you do not follow the format, your cover letter might confuse the officials scanning your visa application. 

Seek advice: Try and get help from someone who is already studying in Germany. They will help you with the basics and offer ideas to make your cover letter more persuasive.  

Some common cover letter mistakes to avoid:

Mistakes in a cover letter may result in straightaway rejection of your visa application. Since there is a cut-throat competition among international students who want to study in Germany, you cannot afford to commit any mistake. There are some very common mistakes that students end up committing, and since this is going to be your first time applying for a student visa, you need to be careful. 

  • Too personal: A formal cover letter should not be very personal and must not include requests. It should talk about your ambition of studying in Germany. Keep your tone formal yet polite to make sure you get a chance. Do not use informal words or phrases. 
  • Spelling and grammatical errors: Be careful and check thoroughly for language errors before submitting the cover letter. Use simple words, and do not go for difficult vocabulary that might increase the risk of spelling mistakes. Simple and precise sentences without any careless mistake will work best for you.  
  • Mistake in the format: Always follow the cover letter format properly. It should be in the right order. Do not get confused with the structure of the cover letter that the German embassy officials want you to follow. 

A cover letter is an important document that plays a significant role in visa application approval. Now that you know what a cover letter is, its essentials, content and common mistakes, it will be easy for you to draft the right one. And once you have completed your education there, a personal covering letter for a German employment visa will make sure you explore coveted work opportunities in Germany. You can also connect with the upGrad Abroad team for the best assistance regarding a cover letter for a German student visa.

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