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The University of Bridgeport is a private educational institute located in Connecticut, USA. Established in 1927, it has a global campus that focuses on special academic programs.

Prominently known as Bridgeport University, students from over 80 countries benefit from its safe and supportive learning environment. The University provides career-focused degrees in fields ranging from Dental Hygiene to Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to on-campus learning, students can build an exciting career with this University’s online, hybrid, and accelerated courses. 

Let’s delve deep into important topics like Bridgeport University fees, requirements, and other relevant details. 

Address of Bridgeport University

The University of Bridgeport is a non-profit educational institute. It is well-known as one of the safest college campuses in Connecticut.

The exact location of Bridgeport University is 126 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604, USA. Notably, the student financial services are located at the same address.

This southwest Connecticut University is located at a short duration of 1.5 hours from the world-famous New York City.  

Hence, the beneficial location encourages Bridgeport University admissions each year.  

University of Bridgeport Status

Bridgeport University is home to around 20% of international students. Hence, diversity is a strong trait of this world-renowned University.

This educational institute is a private and non-sectarian university in official status. Hence, the Bridgeport University ranking lies in the top 10 diverse schools in the USA. 

QS World University Rankings and Other Rankings

Rankings of any international University convey a lot about academic standards. The Bridgeport University ranking has been impressive in recent years.

QS¬†(Quacquarelli Symonds) is a renowned annual publication that measures the popularity and performance of global Universities.As per their latest survey, the University of Bridgeport ranks in the¬†200 ‚Äď 250 range¬†amongst US institutes.¬†

US News ranks Bridgeport University in the range of 299 to 391. Notably, this institute ranks 153 in top performance on social mobility, making it a great place to study for international students.

Top Courses Offered at University of Bridgeport

Bridgeport University has a diverse array of academic programs. Students can choose from traditional to new-age courses at this US educational institute.

This University offers high flexibility to national and international students. Notably, you can even opt for a complete online course at this institute.

The courses at Bridgeport are divided into the following formats:

1. On-campus

2. Online

3. Hybrid

4. Accelerated.

5. Waterbury center

You can benefit from over 50 student clubs at the Bridgeport campus. The on-campus bachelor courses include Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Data Analytics, and several in-demand programs.

The online programs at Bridgeport University cover Master’s, Accelerated Bachelor’s, MBA, and undergraduate certified courses. These programs include Analytics, Computer Science, Health Science, and many exciting courses. 

In addition, you can explore Bridgeport hybrid programs in the following sectors:

1. Business Certificates

2. Education Master’s Programs

3. Business Administration

Moreover, Bridgeport University admissions provide opportunities to various students with distinct needs.

The accelerated programs are an excellent chance to explore associate degrees, certified courses, and traditional degrees in the following sectors:

1. Nursing

2. Psychology

3. Human Services

4. Electrical Engineering

5. General studies

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, Bridgeport University can prove a catalyst for aspirants. 

Bridgeport University Fees

The 56-acre campus located in Connecticut accepts students directly into majors. The fee structure varies for different programs.

Here’s a glance at the Bridgeport University fees.

1. Undergraduate tuition fees: $ 16,430 (‚āĻ 12,27,394)

2. Graduate general fees (per semester): $ 1,025 (‚āĻ 76,572)

3. Online programs fees: Vary as per specialization

4. Accelerated general fees (per semester): $ 570 (‚āĻ 42,581)

Depending on your course selection, the total fees will vary at Bridgeport University. In addition, you can also explore non-degree programs and English language institute courses at Bridgeport.

Required Exams for Bridgeport University Admissions

Proficiency in English is mandatory to acquire admission to any US university. Likewise, Bridgeport has set the following criteria for international admissions.

Name of Exam

Minimum Score for Undergraduate Admission



75 (IBT)



2A Grade



IB Higher Level (English A) 


On the other hand, aspirants targeting graduate courses need the following minimum scores to portray English proficiency.

Name of Exam

Minimum Score for Graduate Admission



80 (IBT)



Pre-1 Grade



IB Higher Level (English A) 


However, Bridgeport University is prominent for providing opportunities. If you cannot establish proficiency in English, the University arranges an English Language Assessment Battery test (ELAB) test.

In addition, you can also submit proof of Advanced level English completion at the University’s English Language Institute (ELI). However, the ELI placement test applies to students who wish to pursue education at Bridgeport University’s English Language Institute.

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Bridgeport University Requirements for Admission  

In addition to the set criteria for English proficiency exams, you need to prepare the following documents:

1. Student application form

2. Marksheets, certificates of secondary or post-secondary education

3. Letter of recommendation

4. Statement of purpose (250 ‚Äď 500 words)

5. Copy of passport

6. Funding proof

For graduate program aspirants, you need the following extra documents for admission:

1. Two letters of recommendation

2. CV or resume

The funding proof denotes your ability to pay total academic year fees. Bridgeport University will demand an original or color copy of your bank statement.

In another case, if you apply through company or government sponsorship, a letter of financial guarantee is mandatory. Importantly, you need to submit this proof with the Financial Statement for International Students (FSIS) Form. 

It is also important to realize that specific programs have additional requirements.

For instance, the Undergraduate Dental Hygiene Programs need an in-depth evaluation of your entire academic work. 

Also, graduate courses in Business, Dental, Education, Nutrition, Health Science, and Engineering need additional documents. Hence, it is vital to check additional requirements for such programs. 

Available Scholarships at University of Bridgeport

Bridgeport University has dedicated research and grant programs for specific streams. Here’s a list of the prominent ones:

1. Seed Money Grant Program

This program provides funding for initial research work. The research work results are used to develop an application for the grant program. Hence, private, state, or federal members provide funds accordingly. 

2. Free Application for Federal Student Aid

According to Bridgeport University, 98% of first-time, full-time undergraduate students receive financial aid. The Federal Student Aid (FSA) provides financial assistance to students through grants and work-study funds.

The University of Bridgeport considers students for FSA grants after completing the application process.  

If you opt for an undergraduate course, the University offers merit-based scholarships.

3. Trustee Scholarship: $ 20,000 (‚āĻ 14,94,089)

Applicable to all international students, this scholarship is based on academic excellence and proof of student leadership. 

Bridgeport University considers GPA, academic performance, and English proficiency to select deserving candidates.

4. Presidential Scholarship: $ 15,000 (‚āĻ 11,20,566)

This scholarship is renewable and based on top-notch academic achievements. The Presidential Scholarship is a fantastic aid if you maintain high academic standards.

5. Academic achievement grant: $ 5,000 (‚āĻ 3,73,522)

Students seeking an associate or Bachelor’s degree are eligible for this grant. Similar to most scholarships, this grant considers academic scores and proficiency in English.

In addition, transfer students can receive scholarships up to $ 18,000 (‚āĻ 13,44,680). Students who pursue graduate education can receive scholarships ranging from $ 3, 000 (‚āĻ 2,24,096) to $ 5,000 (‚āĻ 3,73,494) in the first year.¬†¬†

Finally, student loans and grants programs offer multiple opportunities to benefit from Bridgeport University acceptance. 

Placements at the University of Bridgeport

Studying abroad is associated with exciting opportunities for high remuneration. Hence, placements are a vital factor before choosing any educational institute.

After all, a high investment in education should provide excellent career prospects. Bridgeport University provides a great chance of employment for students due to these factors:

  • Outstanding student support
  • Active student events
  • Several dynamic organizations
  • The largest¬†graduate Engineering program
  • STEM-focused education

Hence, the majority of students are ready for top-notch on-site career performance. Consequently, the alumni receive an average of¬†$ 48,300¬†(‚āĻ 36,07,956) as starting salaries.¬†

Interestingly, Bridgeport University is the only place in Connecticut to offer a Master’s course in Artificial Intelligence. This is clear proof of the fine balance of conventional and modern academic programs at the University. 

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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