Best Architecture Colleges In New Zealand

Updated on 05 May, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Content Writer

Architecture is a fascinating course that teaches students how to develop beautiful and functional buildings. If you too aspire to learn about how to construct offices, buildings, and modern structures, studying architecture in New Zealand can be an excellent option to consider.

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The country is home to many renowned architecture institutes and welcomes students from across the globe. Offering world-class educational facilities, New Zealand has made a name for its architecture courses. 

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In this article, we will focus on five of the best Architecture colleges in New Zealand– 

Subject Background

Architecture is a subject that teaches students the science of designing buildings that last for years. It is closely connected to other subjects like Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, User Experience Design, and Graphic Design. 

In most bachelor’s degrees in Architecture, you will learn about theory, design principles, construction principles, and digital techniques. You will also learn about the sustainability, management, and final details of modern-day constructions. 

Students are also taught about the design technologies and materials utilized in commercial construction projects. Whether it’s a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, you will receive sufficient hands-on experience.   

So, if you have an eye for perfection and love delving into the details of buildings, your dream career can be in the field of Architecture. You can opt for undergraduate degrees for 3 years and move on to a master’s degree for another 2 years. 

Additionally, a degree in Architecture comes with the following specializations – 

  • Interior Architecture 
  • Urban Planning 
  • Landscape Designing 
  • Project Management 
  • Architectural Science 
  • Designed Environments

Job Prospects After Completion

After completing your bachelor’s in Architecture degree, you can work with leading construction and architectural firms. Some students also choose to work as project managers, construction designers, and consultants. In addition, you can also use your design skills to work in web design. 

Due to the increasing development of construction projects across New Zealand, the architects’ job market is booming. But to get started, you will require an undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies and a postgraduate degree in Architecture.   

You also have to be registered under the New Zealand Registered Architects Board, which requires you to obtain relevant industrial experience for 5 years after graduation. Thereafter, you might work under the following designations- 

  • Architect 
  • Urban Designer 
  • Industrial Consultant 
  • Architectural Historian 
  • Urban Planner 
  • Interior Designer 
  • Architectural Technician 
  • Landscape Architect 

The remuneration is also commendable for Architectural graduates, around USD 55,000 to USD 75,000 per year (INR 41,95,000 to 57,22,000). Senior architects having more than 10 years of experience earn up to USD 140,000 (INR 1,06,44,000).

Your salary package thus will increase as you gain more experience and develop your skills.

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Top Universities Offering Architecture Degrees In New Zealand 

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is one of the best Architecture colleges in New Zealand and is ranked #1 in the country. The QS world rankings ranked the institute 51-100, in 2021 rankings. 


The various courses offered by the institute include- 

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS)
  • Master of Architecture (Professional) 
  • Master of Architecture (Professional) and Heritage Conservation  
  • Master of Heritage Conservation 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture
  • Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Planning (Professional)
  • Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Design

Fee Structure 

For the BAS, the course fee for international students is NZD 43,940 (INR 22,90,000), while the fee for the Master of Architecture (Professional) course is NZD 46,752 (INR 24,37,000). Moreover, students have to pay a yearly student service fee of NZD 979.20 (INR 51,000).     

Industry Connections 

The institute has industrial tie-ups with the following organizations- 

    • Jasmax 
    • Cheshire 
    • Moller 
    • Architectus 
    • Warren & Mahoney 


Some of the most promising alumni of the university include:

  • Ben Satterthwaite (Architect at JTB Architects Ltd)
  • Anya Bell (Architect at Jasmax)
  • Nicholas Dalton (Founding Director of TOA Architects)
  • Julia Suh (CEO and Founder of Paper Plain).  

Victoria University of Wellington

The Victoria University of Wellington is another world-class institute for studying Architecture. It is ranked #2 in New Zealand and is ranked 101-150 by QS World Subject Rankings 2021. 


The institute offers an array of courses, including– 

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies 
  • Graduate Certificate in Designed Environments 
  • Bachelor of Building Science 
  • Graduate Diploma in Designed Environments 
  • Master of Architecture 
  • Master of Interior Architecture 
  • Master of Landscape Architecture 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Designed Environments 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Science 
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Fee Structure 

For international students, the average course fee for undergraduate courses is NZD 36,942 (INR 19,25,000), while for postgraduate courses, the fee is NZD 41,382 (INR 21,56,000). 

Additionally, you have to pay a Student Services Levy fee that depends on the number of points you’re enrolled in. Not to forget, you must also pay a Student Assistance Levy of NZD 28 (INR 1,500).   

Industry Connections 

The industrial connections and partnerships of the institute include the following firms- 

  • Building Research Association of New Zealand 
  • New Zealand Registered Architects Board 
  • New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects 
  • New Zealand Architects Co-operative Society 
  • Knight Associates 
  • Wraight + Associates

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is a well-reputed college of Architectural studies in New Zealand. It is ranked #4 in the country and has a QS world ranking of 258 according to the latest 2021 ranking reports. 

The institute is also famous for offering world-class courses which provide technical and conceptual skills. Some of these courses include:


The university’s high-quality courses include – 

  • Master of Architectural Engineering (MArchEng) 
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Engineering 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Architectural Engineering)

Additionally, the Postgraduate Certificate of Architectural Engineering and Master of Architectural Engineering are popular courses in New Zealand. Thye promotes holistic thinking, collaboration and enables students to gain technical mastery over the subject.   

Fee Structure 

For the M.Arch Engineering degree, the course fee for international students is NZD 45,000 for 120 points (INR 23,88,528). Moreover, students looking to enrol in a PhD degree in Architectural Engineering have to pay a course fee of NZD 7,220-$8,697 (INR 3,83,404- 4,61,837). This applies to students residing in New Zealand.

Auckland University of Technology

The prestigious Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has a QS World University Ranking of 451 and is well-known for its architecture department. Additionally, it has a national rank of 8 according to QS Rankings.

The institution offers courses that are a perfect blend of technical development and research. Students also get access to their state-of-the-art labs and esteemed faculty to delve deep into the subject.   


The institute’s Architecture and Built Environment programs comprise the following courses– 

  • Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments 
  • Bachelor of Construction 
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering
  • Master of Architecture (Professional) 
  • Master of Engineering Project Management 
  • Master of Philosophy

The AUT also tries to equip students with sufficient knowledge to address global issues like homelessness and housing affordability.

Fee Structure 

For a 3-year course of Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments and Bachelor of Construction, the fee for international students is NZD 40,000 (INR 21,21,990).

Additionally, international students interested in the Master of Architecture (Professional) need to pay NZD 40,000 (INR 21,21,990), while for Master of Engineering Project Management, the fee is NZD 42,100 (INR 22,33,636). 


The institute’s notable alumni include: 

  • Alexandra Arenilla Cuervo (Interior Designer at We Don’t Have Elephants)
  • Scott Bristow (Homestar Assessor and Environmental Building Analyst at Building Excellence Group)
  • Divya Kataria (Development Engineer at Watercare). 

Lincoln University 

Lincoln University is one of the oldest schools of Architecture in New Zealand that has been operating since 1969. It has a national rank of #7 and a global rank of 372 as per QS World University Ranking 2022.

Additionally, the institute works with the world’s leading Architectural experts and is able to implement industry techniques while teaching students. The courses are designed in a way to equip students with appropriate skills to design a sustainable environment where communities thrive. 


Lincoln University’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses include the following- 

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Graduate Entry) 
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (Taught) 
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (Research)
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Furthermore, students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree at the institute are allowed to study an additional primary subject. These majors include Global business, Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Supply Chain Management, Tourism Management, Environmental Management, and Facilities Management. 

Fee Structure 

For the 4-year full-time course in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, international students have to pay NZD 33,600 (INR 17,84,135), while for a postgraduate degree in Master of Landscape Architecture, the fee is NZD 34,200 (INR 18,16,028).   

Lastly, to enrol in the Master of Landscape Architecture (Research) program, the course fee  is NZD 35,500 (INR 18,84,528).  

Industry Connections 

The university has excellent industry connections with companies such as Rough & Milne Landscape Architects, Boffa Miskell, BECA Professional Services Consultancy, Opus International Consultants Ltd, Goom Landscapes, Outerspace Landscapes, The Little Big Tree Company, and Christchurch City Council.  


The institute’s alumni include: 

  • Haley Farmer (Landscape Architect at Darby Partners) 
  • Kess Aleksandrova (Landscape Architect, Rough, and Milne Landscape Architects)
  • Chris Chen (Senior Landscape Architect, Pocok Design Environment). 

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